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The hugely varied and growing world of board, card and board games, these are very different game mechanisms, cooperative or competitive games, complex large game plans with lots of cards and accessories or even just a few squares and pieces with an original idea, war games of miniatures, fun party games or simulations, educational and quiz games...

In a board game you sit down with your friends for a moment to play a game and stop noticing the time. Once you've forgotten about Don't Be Angry, there's no going back. Comic-Con Junior with its board game partners will bring you the best.

Free Play

A wide selection of games to rent from leading board, card and board game publishers.


One tournament starts every hour, in both tried and newer games. Win one of the prizes.

Game News

You can learn about newly released games at a news presentation, sometimes with the game developers in attendance.

Gaming Help

Game publishers' promoters will introduce you to other people interested in games and help you get started.

Explanation of Rules

You don't need to read the rules of the games, the promoters will be happy to explain them and point out special features.

Games for Sale

Did someone say Christmas is around the corner? Game publishers give advice on buying games, give con discounts.