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Comics and Manga

The first Comic-Con in San Diego was created primarily for comic book fans, but over time Comic-Cons around the world have become a showcase for all of pop culture. Comics still play an important role at them. It's the same at Comic-Cons in the Czech Republic.

Comic-Con Junior will offer a wealth of opportunities for big and small fans of comic book worlds, stories and characters.

Foreign Authors

The main program will feature discussions with foreign comics authors. Questions from the audience are welcome.

Home Authors

Discussions with local comics authors are a popular part of the comics program.


The comics lecture program runs both days in the Comics Line program line in Room E4 on the 3rd floor.

Authors' captions

Get your favorite comics author's signature. Start an autograph collection and show off to your friends.

Authors will draw for you

Comic book artists at their booths on the 3rd floor will offer finished drawings and custom drawings for you.

Photo with the author

At the booths, you can take free photos with foreign and local stars and chat with them.

Comic Costumes

Comic-Con is full of comic book and manga character costumes. Admire or come in one.

Comics for Sale

Sales of original comics and Czech editions, posters and comic merch are not to be missed at CC Junior.

Comics Exhibition

An exhibit showcasing the work of the comic book guests at the current Comic-Con Junior will catch the eye.