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Programme for children

Comic-Con Junior will offer everything that Comic-Con Prague does, plus a good dose of interactive entertainment for children and young people. Comic-Con Junior is a place where it will be possible to actively try out, experience, play and learn something new. It also brings more physical activities.

Kinder Cosplay

Give your kids the feeling of being a cosplayer in the non-competitive KinderCosplay show. Each child will receive a prize. More.

ABC Magazine

ABC magazine has been bringing comics, cut-outs, education and fun to kids for decades.

Dance Challenges

Have you been sitting on a program for a long time and you're stiff? Never mind, dance games and dance challenges will get everyone's blood pumping.


Kids will have fun drawing on paper with guidance from comic book artists and drawing on tablets.

Fun Activities

A variety of fun activities for kids and adults from Comic-Con Junior partners in the ground floor lobby.


Comic-Con Junior will be full of competitions for kids and adults - knowledge, gaming, dancing, drawing...