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Fun-filled program

Comic-Con Junior is also an exceptional program.

Two days of amazing entertainment are brought to you by experienced and passionate fan groups, leading experts and star guests, along with a growing number of participating companies. Experience something new!

Playing and tournaments of video and board games, photo shoots, autograph sessions and discussions with international and local actors and artists, workshops and competitions, lectures and presentations, exhibitions and concerts, fan merchandise sales...

And a fun, creative and physical programme for children and young people!

Guests and a summary of their days of participation.

We will publish the programme gradually.

Location of the program in the building

Comic-Con Junior 2023 SCHEDULE

Schedule of talks, photos and signings with actors

Programme for print

Programme annotation

Extra program

Introducing the unique and exceptional specials of the Comic-Con Junior 2023 program.
Another extra program is in the works.

Artist Alley

Games and other entertainment

Video game and board game room for a total area of over 1400 m2! Dozens of new and retro consoles, dozens of computers and laptops, arcade games...

Guests, tournaments for prizes and for fun, free play, novelty demonstrations, game lessons, game sales, lectures, talks, competitions, cosplay...

Fan programme

For Comic-Con Junior, the best has been prepared by the fan community known from other Czech cons (e.g. Festival Fantazie ).

Practical program information

Program in progress:
Saturday, Oct. 21, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sunday 22 October 9.00 - 18.00

All shows in the program are included in the ticket price, except for photo and autograph sessions with guests, except for entry fees for some tournaments, and except for some special attractions.

  • The organisers reserve the right to change the programme on the spot and the right to manage the filling of the halls.
  • The organizers reserve the right to limit the length of the game time to accommodate additional video game entrants.
  • The programme will be available on the website and mobile phone app, on screens at the halls and printed on information boards.
  • Each hall has programme leaders (identified by a badge) who take care of order and organisation.
  • Technical support is provided to programme writers by technicians.
  • Fan programs last 40 minutes and start 5 minutes past the hour. They always end 15 minutes before the full hour to allow enough time to move between rooms.
  • For details on shows with international guests, talks, photography and autograph sessions, see Guests.
  • Submit your own show to the programme - deadline 9/9/2023.