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Video Game Program

Video games are a relatively young but very strong part of pop culture. That's why they can't be absent at cons. Comic-Con Junior offers a great video game show with many partners presenting new innovations in technology and games.

Free play, contests and tournaments for prizes, celebrity shows and other programming dedicated to video games await you in the video game room in the large hall on the ground floor of Convention Hall E. You will find the GameLine lecture programme on video games on the 2nd floor in Hall S2.

Computer Games

Supercharged computer gaming in video game partners with tournaments for prizes and free play.

Console Games

Switch, Xbox and PlayStation video game consoles provide sports, fighting, war and dance games.


Videogame history and old game highlights, these are classic arcade games and early console releases in retrogame form.

Video Game Stage

Tournament finals, youtuber shows, prize competitions, etc. take place on the video game stage in the video game room.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will bring you a new kind of gaming experience at several Comic-Con Junior stations.

GameLine Shows

GameLine = lectures and programs about video games, discussions with experts and creators...