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JAN ČENSKÝ (actor; Czechia)

Guest appearance: Sunday 22. October 2023

Jan Čenský is a Czech actor, voice actor, and presenter. In his childhood, he was a member of the Boy's Choir of the Prague Male Choir FOK, led by Dr. Blanka Kulínská. Later, he apprenticed as a bookbinder at the Prague branch of Kolín's printing houses and attended the People's Conservatory for Working People in the evenings, where he prepared for the entrance exams at the State Conservatory. He was accepted and graduated in the field of music drama at the State Conservatory in Prague. After the military service, he initially joined the S. K. Neumann Theater in Libeň (since September 27, 1990, the Pod Palmovkou Theater), which, at that time, due to the reconstruction of its main building, performed at the Klicpera Theater in Kobylisy. In 1990, he became a member of the Black Theater Ta Fantastika. Since 1995, he has been a member of the touring acting company, respectively the traveling theater of Václav Hanzlíček (Harlekýn Agency).

From a young age, this exemplary performer of various television princes and kings has played both comedic and serious dramatic roles. Among his most famous fairy tales are PRINCOVÉ JSOU NA DRAKA, O PRINCEZNĚ, KTERÁ RÁČKOVALA, KOLOBĚŽKA PRVNÍ and O ZRZAVÉ ANDULE.

Since 1990, he has also appeared as a presenter at various social events. On the other hand, in 2006, he participated as a contestant in the first season of a television dance competition, StarDance …když hvězdy tančí.

Since 2010, he has also appeared in the popular series ORDINACE V RŮŽOVÉ ZAHRADĚ, where he portrays the character of head of hospital, MUDr. David Suchý.

He is also involved in voice acting (e.g., in the series RENEGADE, he provided the voice for the main character, played by Lorenzo Lamas). He works as a lecturer in acting and rhetoric.