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IVANA ANDRLOVÁ (actress; Czechia)

Guest appearance: Sunday 22. October 2023

Ivana Andrlová is a Czech actress and singer. After studying at the Prague Conservatory, she performed at the Jiří Wolker Theatre (now the Theatre in Dlouhá). Since the 1990s, she has alternated her work in various Prague theater ensembles.

She entered the broader public consciousness with her role as Alice in the popular TV trilogy PODNÁJEMNÍCI, OTEC NEBO BRATR and DOPIS PSANÝ ŠPANĚLSKY, directed by František Filip. Among her other notable roles is Liduška, daughter of Major Zeman in the series 30 PŘÍPADŮ MAJORA ZEMANA.

These roles paved her way into the world of fairy tales, where she became a prominent interpreter of clever and intelligent princesses for over a decade. Some of her works include PRINC A VEČERNICE, PRINCOVÉ JSOU NA DRAKA, ZA HUMNY JE DRAK, CO TAKHLE SVATBA, PRINCI?, O ZRZAVÉ ANDULE.

From the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, she was one of the most frequently cast actresses in television films and productions, as well as in cinema. During this period, she typically portrayed teenage girls and positive heroines, and she took on many such roles, including ZRALÉ VÍNO, VÍTR V KAPSE, DOBRÁ VODA, LÉTAJÍCÍ ČESTMÍR, CHLAPCI A CHLAPI etc.

She also made her mark in dubbing, utilizing her gentle and captivating voice. For dubbing the main character of Ally McBeal in the eponymous series, she received the prestigious František Filipovský Award.